WordPress Theme Detectors

6 Most Useful WordPress Theme Detectors

WordPress Theme Detectors

Have you ever found yourself wondering exactly what motif is a special WordPress Theme Detectors internet site you found alluring with? Can you ever want to work on topics your favorite food, traveling, or physical fitness blogger is currently using? Would you like the same elegant functionality and backdrop to your own internet site that way of Liverpool soccer club? Don’t worry. You’re able to use an online WordPress tool, enabling you to find themes of any site. It’s unnecessary to move forth and back while still wanting to convert HTML into WordPress topics and vice versa.

This is sometimes described as an excellent analysis-tool that helps WordPress beginners to review the potency and frequency of using such topics based on their own relevant area of expertise.

6 Most Useful WordPress Theme Detectors

Listed below are just 6 Most Useful WordPress Theme Detectors on the Online.


This is definitely an extension that’s made particularly for Google-Chrome. It’s observable in the shape of an icon, so when clicked, it informs the consumer exactly what WordPress motif is used. This really isn’t the very best theme sensor from the market as it exhibits zero advice about factual statements regarding the writer or even the subject generally.

Bear in mind, every and every time this WPSniffer icon near your Safari browser search bar seems orange — it’s discovered a motif. The edge is that it’s not really a world wide web application but can be pretty a widget that automatically finds topics without manually clicking or copy-pasting almost any info.

WordPress Theme Detector

This type of luxury WordPress theme discovering tools on the current market and is definitely without charge. Simply copy-pasting that the URL connection of this WordPress web site can provide diverse quantities and forms of information of interest to the subject. Every replica of information that ranges from the entire name of this subject, an entire description of this motif, composer of theme/website, frequency of use of this motif from the WordPress domain name, etc.. will probably be there on the monitor. In reality, that the WordPress Theme Detector also notifies the user about the plugins which can be busy on the special WordPress internet site page.

Additionally, you will be advised in case that motif is available for downloading, and when it’s, you’re able to find out just how to convert it in PSD into WordPress and vice-versa.

What WordPress Theme Is That

Expect you’ll locate consequences of parent topics and child topics of a particular page. Once you glue the URL from the vacant area and then click the search icon, then make sure to gather comprehensive data concerning the subject. Provided that the site was discovered using perfection, then there’ll be a catalog of plugins used, motif info, and writer details.

Tips about the subject you experimented with hunt and options of plugins are just another quality that includes this specific motif sensor.

WP Theme Detector by Satori

When an internet site has comprised a fully customized motif or isn’t powered by WordPress, this motif sensor displays error messages related to the same.


This really is just a free WordPress theme sensor. ScanWP provides you overall information like the motif URL, author, and price to buy the subject in any respect. This motif sensor plugin also notifies one of these hosting supplier’s names, which the site uses.

Additionally, it includes a feature that displays basic data regarding scanned topics, most famous plugins on such topics, and site builders.

What Theme

Besides the typical motif description, author name, and download connection, this motif sensor provides advice about what metatags have been related to the site that’s pertinent for the industry.

One other fantastic feature is that if a motif is a customized theme, “What Topic” instantly sends you advice about the author or service in charge of creating it. It isn’t important if this motif has been converted from HTML into WordPress topics; this application is produced to find virtually any and every form of theme.

You might even find the subject of a WordPress internet site. Right-click on the site and click View site source or click on Ctrl + U. Next, click Ctrl + F and then type”wp-content/themes.” Right near the lineup, which displays yellow-colored texts, you’ll come across the name of this subject. This doesn’t necessarily prove helpful since each WordPress internet site contains its own unique security degrees.

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