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TamilRockers Proxy: Updates Mirror Sites List, latest Movies

What is TamilRockers?

Tamilrockers is a torrent site and proxy that allows users to download TV shows, movies, and music. It also allows users to search for copyrighted material using magnet links and torrent files. This makes it possible in peer-to-peer file sharing.

India’s Internet service providers have blocked access to the website. It continues to operate by switching to a series of new addresses.

It started as a bootleg network and was later made a public torrent site that links to pirated Indian films.

You can also sub-title Hollywood romance movies in other languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, and Telugu.

Reliable sources indicate that the men responsible are three men. Proxy for Tamilrockers Website taken into custody March 14, 2018, One of these men is the site administrator. The other members of the Tamilrockers crew are also identified. They were all arrested. Coimbatore, May 23, 2019.

Type of website: Torrent Index, Magnet Link Provider

All Content Available: Movies, TV-Shows, Music Files and Other Media, Etc.

Active Location: Available worldwide (Mostly in India)

URL: Tamilrockers.com

Type of registration: No cost

Date of launch: 2011; 9 years ago

Revenue: Advertisements

Website Status: Online And Still Active

Popularity: List of Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites in 2020

Why is Tamilrockers Proxy so popular?

Tamilrockers has been banned because it deals in pirated content. The government has outlawed all pirated content websites, and the ISP blocked the website. Today, there are many pirated movies on this website. Tamilrockers puts its pirated copy whenever there is a movie released.

We strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible for Special Event Permits Applications. However, the deadline is only 30 days before your event.

The ISP’s were directed to ban this website. They also took action to prohibit the domain where Tamilrocker’s content can be accessed. Within hours Tamilrockers has a new domain and gives access to the pirated content.

TamilRockers Proxy Unblock List June 2021 – All Working

TamilRockers Proxy 1

TamilRockers Proxy 2

TamilRockers Proxy 3

TamilRockers Proxy 4

TamilRockers Proxy 5

TamilRockers Proxy 6

TamilRockers Proxy 7

TamilRockers Proxy 8

TamilRockers Mirror Sites June 20, 2121

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 1

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 2

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 3

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 4

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 5

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 6

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 7

TamilRockers Mirror Sites 8

What is the best way to access Tamilrockers even if it’s banned?

You can access Tamilrockers via proxy URLs or VPN.

  • Proxies can be used: These are the ones that allow you to access the intended content without restriction and bypass the network. There are both private and public proxy servers. Proxies allow you to access the internet with multiple IP addresses and hide your IP address.
  • VPN: Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, allow you to access content without having to go through the restrictions of the network. VPN allows you to connect from anywhere in the world. You can use both public and private VPNs.

How to Unblock Tamilrockers Proxy using VPNs

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are one of the most secure ways to access blocked websites. They keep your identity secret from the ISP. It protects your identity from ISP and provides additional security. How do you use it?

  1. Install a VPN that you like.
  2. Allow your VPN to work
  3. Connect to a VPN server
  4. Tamilrockers Open

While both premium and free VPNs can be used for identity protection, a premium one can slow down movie downloading speeds. Choose a VPN service carefully. While premium services may be more expensive, they offer fast browsing and downloading rates.

These are some of the benefits of VPN’s offer.

  • VPN protects your information from hackers and other cybercriminals.
  • Will secure devices be installed starting Virus ? Malware And Data leakage is not an option.
  • Hackers can’t track a user’s IP addressThe Location.
  • Blocks Pop ups And Intrusive advertisements could affect your devices.

We are proud to share with you the best quality in this article VPN list This will allow you to unblock the Proxy for Tamilrockers Websites


Surfshark: [ https://surfshark.com ]

Ipvanish: [ https://www.ipvanish.com ]

Nordvpn: [http://nordvpn.com]

Hotspot shield: [ https://www.hotspotshield.com ]

Private VPN: [ https://privatevpn.com ]

Ultra VPN: [ https://www.ultravpn.com ]

Windscribe: [ https://windscribe.com ]

CyberGhost VPN: [ https://www.cyberghostvpn.com ]

Tunnelbear: [ https://www.tunnelbear.com ]

Vyprvpn: [ https://www.vyprvpn.com ]

Tor Browser allows you to access the Tor Browser.

Tor Browser makes it possible to browse the web anonymously using the onion routing method.

These steps will allow you to gain access to blocked websites.

  1. Tor Browser
  2. Zip folder to your computer
  3. Step by step
  4. Now you are ready to access


We can now use Tamilrockers by using VPNs and proxies to unblock it and browse the content from any location. We hope you enjoy our article. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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