What Is the Google Nest Mini.

What Is the Google Nest Mini?

The world-famous search engine website Google that we all relied on for knowledge of about anything over the internet, has gradually diversified over the years into the technology side. Surely, you’re already aware of that. Delving into software production and smart devices, Google has taken over a significant chunk of the tech market, giving its competitors some serious competition with its pricing and the features it offers with its products and services.

One of the latest additions to the Google Nest family is the Google Nest Mini, a 2nd generation Smart Speaker that is quite like a virtual assistant for your home. Featuring the Google Assistant that is already built-in, this Smart Speaker may be mini in size but quite mighty, might we add. It works with voice control and gives users a whole other experience to make their lifestyle and daily routines more convenient and easy to manage.

Read on below for some of its amazing features that are brilliant and very useful to have within your home. Whether there are any other smart devices around the house or not, the Nest Mini is the one thing you would want in your home.

Google Nest Mini Features

Subtle Design

Available in 4 sophisticated colors, Chalk, Sky, Charcoal, and Coral; these shades would blend in perfectly within our homes. They are easy on the eye and very subtle indeed.

The small round smart speaker can be easily placed anywhere near an outlet, and its integrated wall mount makes it so much easier for you to hang it on a wall if you wish to. The speaker of the Nest Mini is covered in fabric that is sourced from recycled plastic bottles, setting Google a few steps ahead in being an environmentally conscious brand.

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Play Music

The Nest Mini can play any music straight from YouTube, as well as your Spotify and Apple Music playlists. With voice control, you can even set up different playlists to play later on while cooking dinner, cleaning the house or when getting in a workout during your day. Just say ‘Hey Google, play my yoga playlist’, or ‘Play Drake’s new album’ – whatever you are in the mood for! Its speaker boasts a rich and clear sound that is loud enough to fill up a room.

Compatible with Other Smart Devices

The beauty of Smart Speakers like the Nest Mini is that they can sync with and connect to other smart devices around your home. That includes anything from smart lights to the smart TV, our smartphones and tablets, smart ovens, smart thermostats, smart plugs – a whole lot of other smart home devices and kitchen appliances.

Since smart home devices connect to the home Wi-Fi network just like the Nest Mini and include their own mobile applications, it is easy to connect the devices with the smart speaker. From then on you can control your smart devices via voice commands, if not through your smartphones. Turn down the thermostat with a voice: ‘Hey Google, turn down the thermostat by 2 degrees’, or put on a movie on Netflix with ‘Hey Google, play Spiderman Homecoming on Netflix’. There is a lot that is made easier once you connect your Smart Home to the Nest Mini.

Hands-Free Help

Given the features mentioned above, playing music or syncing other smart devices to the Nest Mini, there is much more than this little device can do. It literally brings hands free help with its most obvious feature, voice command. What more can you do with the Nest Mini? Here’s what: check for the weather forecast, the traffic situation on your daily routes, search for recipes, dictate a text to send to your mom – you get the picture. That’s why it’s like having a virtual assistant around the house.

Last But Not Least

The Google Nest Mini retails for $49, a very affordable and reasonable price for the features and controls it brings with it. There are also other Google Voice Assistants out there, like the Google Nest Audio, the Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker, even the Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display that resembles a tablet. Google is also testing out a feature where the google nest hub audio out put can be changed to other devices – this may upgrade the smart speaker game if successful.

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